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[Note: This page is currently being refurbished. The work includes additional entries, reorganization, addition of version/date stamping, addition of some annotation. About 1/3 of the work is done. Expect more changes.]

Cam Post is an additional list of post-processors

[opencam] is a wiki page about Open Source CAM (links, ideas etc.) that has no entries as of 2013.04.06

List of CAM references to toolpath generation algorithms and such

http://cadcamcae.wikia.com/ is a CAx resource index for developers - CAD, CAM, CAE, etc.

Links, versions and dates of releases checked 2013.04.06-08

...Simple G-Code Generators...
[cncOnline] 2D CAM CC/GPL ... Hugomatic's online gcode generators (all appear now to be downloadable Python scripts)
[CP1] Macro None ... Simple G-Code Generators written in Tcl and Tk
[gcode generators] Macro None ... C Sources to create GCODE for common features such as pocket, post, bolt circle
[Simple G-code generators in Python] Macro GPL3+ ... Simple G-Code Generators written in Python
Using GeditWikiCC ... tutorial on using the text editor gedit with LinuxCNC. external tools plugin
...CAM Programs and CAD-file to G-Code Converters...
[ACE Converter] 2D CAM GPL 3.2 DXF to GCODE converter (Windows program that has been tested to run in Linux under Wine)
[Aptos] 3D CAM GPL 1.02 2012.06.12 A project aimed at producing a modern GPL version of the APT programming language
APT TutorialWiki CC ... A tutorial on using Aptos with LinuxCNC
[Blender CAM] 2D/3D CAM GPL 0.8 2014.09.30 Artistic CAM Extension for Blender 2.70, exports 3 axis 2D and 3D gcode, supports many milling strategies, exports gcode for various machine types
[bmp2cnc] 3D CAM GPL 0.22 Command line program to convert bitmaps to g-code, runs in Linux, DOS and Windows
[BoardCAD] 3D CAM GPL 2.1? Java-based CAD/CAM for surfboard design, creates toolpaths for
[CamBam] 2.5D CAM Commercial / GPL for Linux 0.9.4N Beta 4 2012.12.24 Linux or Windows application to create CAM files (gcode) from CAD source files (DXF,STL,3DS or RAW) or its own internal geometry editor
[CAMmill] 2.5D CAM GPL3 Beta Linux and Mac-OSX application to create CAM files (gcode) from DXF-Drawings
[CamOCC] 3D CAM GPL2+ 2r123 2010.09 Uses Opencascade. Not very functional, but a good place to start for anyone who wants to experiment with OCC. Development appears stalled.
[cam.py] 2.5D CAMNon-Commercial 11/9/03 (what date is this?) SVG DXF STL JPEG Excellon Gerber to multiple CAM formats. Primary link broken: try [cam.py] instead.
[CAMVOX] 3D CAM GPL unk A project in C++ and Python, using constructive solid geometry for the design and a voxel space to calculate tool paths. CSG => voxel is currently working. No end-user software available.
[CNC Code Generator] 2D CAM GPL 3.0 2008.05.14 imports 2D DXF profiles from CAD. Written in java for milling and turning
[Codeg] 2D CAM GPL 0.94Beta 2006.11.09 2.5D(?) dxf to gcode intended for hotwire machines
[cxf2cnc][(fonts)] 2D CAM GPL2+ 2010.05.21 convert stick fonts to g-code for engraving. [mirror]
[dxf2cnc] 2D CAM None unk to compile this type gcc -lm cnc.c -o dxf2cnc (Doesn't seem to output LinuxCNC-compatible g-code). Primary link broken.
[dxf2gcode] 2D CAM GPL3 beta02 2010.05.04 dxf 2 gcode- simple 2D python program verified to work on qcad-generated dxf files-by Christian Kohlöffel
[Estlcam] 2.5D CAM Commercial ($25) 5.020 2.5D CAM with intuitive user interface
[GCncCam]2D CAM GPL 0.4.4-1 2008.04.27 Linux CAM Tool for converting CAD DXF-Files to G-Code. Aligns layers to tools.
[gcode.ulp] 2D CAM GPL2+ 2007.11.23 jepler's eagle circuit board PCB milling ULP script
[GCodeMapper] 3D converter GPL3+ 1.1 2013.08.24 maps simple g-code programs (G0, G1, G2, G3 movements) from a plane to a cylinder
[GNU CAM] 2.5D CAM LGPL2.1+ 2010.07.27 Voxel preview, gerber, excellon, and 2.5D dxf import
[grecode] gcode filter GPL3 0.4 2010.12 A command line tool to modify gcode: shifting, rotating, aligning, ...
[HeeksCNC] 3D CAM BSD ... CAM plugin for [HeeksCAD]
[hp2xx] [docs] 2D CAM GPL2 3.4.4 2003.06.23 HPGL to GCODE converter
[imagecarve] 3D CAM GPL 0.1 2009.01 simple C equivalent to image-to-gcode
[image-to-gcode] 3D CAM GPL ... PNG JPG to GCODE, included with LinuxCNC 2.1+
[image-to-gcode_modified] 3D CAM GPL 2009.11.04 modified to support roughing passes
[InkscapeBiarcs] 2D CAM CC/GPL 0.0.2 2009.02.04 Better curve export for Inkscape to generate GCODE from SVG paths. [WaybackMachine]
InkscapeHowto 2D CAM CC/GPL ... Several Inkscape's extensions and tutorials to generate GCODE from SVG paths
[libactp] 3D CAM GPL2 ... high speed machining toolpath generator based on "adaptive clearing" algorithm
[libarea] 2D CAM GPL3 ... clears arbitrarily shaped pockets
[mesh2hmap]3D converter GPL 0.3.2 2006.11.04 converts 3D VRML meshes (from blender for example) to bitmaps, which can then be run through image-to-gcode
[mGcodeGenerator] 2D, 2.5D, 3D CAM unk 0.2.09 It is a script for Blender to gcode / cnc / ngc. [wiki]
[MonoCAM] 3D CAM GPL2 2008.03.20 A project in C#, very much early alpha stage. As of Feb 2008 only has rudimentary drop-cutter algorithm for finish paths on STL surfaces. Development in hiatus. Availability uncertain.
[NCCL] 2D CAM no cost beta 0.5.0 2004.04.30 Small language written in LUA that creates Gcode (Windows .EXE). Primary link is broken.
[OpenCAM] 2D CAM GPL 0.0.24 2D CAM with annoying website. Braindead and dangerous install; attempts to overwrite your libstdc++ without regard to architecture.
[pcb2gcode] 2D CAM GPL 1.1.4 2011.09.15 A command-line program that calculates machine toolpaths from given PCB layouts.
[pcb-gcode] 2D CAM Artistic 2012.01.26 makes gcode for isolation routing of printed circuit boards in [Eagle] (Yahoo Group [here(old)], user reports [here] and [here])
[PyCAM] 2D, 3D CAM GPL3+ 0.5.1 2011.06.13 3D surfacing of STL models. Also creates G-Code from DXF/SVG/PS files. Features: different toolpath strategies, support bridges, model transformations, single-line fonts, 2D projection, multi-layered 2D models and distributed processing.
[REALIZE] 2D CAM GPL2+ unk Autolisp script that generates G Code directly from Autocad or Autocad clones like Progecad, Intellicad (note that the script runs in the Autolisp interpreter in the CAD system)
[ROUGH2.CPP] 3D CAM None unk Kenneth Maxon's custom dxf to gcode C sources. Roughs out 3D model using vertical plunges.
[Sheetcam] 2D CAM Commercial 4.1.11 Native Linux demo version available for download. Demo limited to about 180 lines of generated code in each session.
[SPCE] 3D CAM GPL on Linux 3.2 Bitmap to GCODE converter. PHP script runs on webserver. Availability uncertain.
[TrueTypeTracer]2D CAM GPL2 4.0 outlines TrueType fonts in gcode
[vec2ngc] 2D CAM GPL2+ 0.1.0 2009.09.03 dxf to gcode converter (python) by micges
[xfig] 2D CAM GPL2+ 3.2.5 2007.07.18 xfig to g-code converter (Actually, this is a gcode-enabled xfig)
...Post-Processors for CAM Programs...
[upload:EMC2.ZIP] CAM post ... ... Mastercam post known to work for at least 2D machining...
[1] CAM post ... ... Camworks Post for LinuxCNC 3,4,5 Axis machines Subprogram support ...
...File Format-Conversion Utilities...
[AnyCad Exchange3D]3D converterCommercial free-to-useunk3D model converter that knows step, iges, fbx, 3ds, dxf, dae, stl, obj, md2, mdl. Windows program that has been made to work in Linux using Wine and Winetricks (to load needed ms-dlls)
[FigEpsPdf]2D converterNone 2011.06.01 EPS to misc formats. Primary link broken. Try [WaybackMachine] instead
[MeshLab]3D converterGPL 1.3.2 2012.08.02 Mesh Processing tool to convert STL to/from many formats. Include mesh checking/repairing abilities
[ps2gc] 2D CAM Non-Commercial unk Postscript to G-Code converter
[stl-to-dxf] 3D converter GPL2+ unk Python script to convert STL to 3D DXF
[VectorSection]2D converterPerl/GPL 2006.04.25(?) command line drawing format converter (alpha). Primary link broken. Try [WaybackMachine] instead.
[FlatCam] 2D CAM for PCB engraving MIT   2D CAM for PCB engraving. Trace isolation routing. Handles 2-sided boards.
[ViaConstructor] 2.5D CAM GPL3 0.2 Python based Linux application to create CAM files (gcode) from DXF and SVG-Drawings

CAD programs for Linux:
[BRL-CAD]3D CAD LGPL? 3D solid modeler with simulation capabilities
[CADRA]3D CADCommercialCAD that runs in Linux
[blender] 3D modeler GPL powerful NURBS/mesh artistic modeler
[blenderCAD] 3D CAD GPL add-on scripts to make blender more cad-friendly
[Draftsight]2D/3D CAD Commercial Free* drafting system that also supports 3D entities ala AutoCAD. Reads and writes dwg and dxf files. Available in beta for Ubuntu, Fedora, Suse, and Mandriva from Dassault Systemes.
*Standalone license. Activation required. 64-bit platforms only.
[salome] 3D CADLGPL 3D solid CAD for finite element analysis
[Synergy]3D CAD/CAM Commercial CAD/CAM that runs in Linux
[gCAD3D] 3D CAD/CAM Freewarehard to use; some interesting sheet metal operations
[SagCAD] 2D CAD] GPL2 comparable to qcad
[Varkon] 3D CAD/CAM GPL/LGPL CAD/CAM code library and development environment
[PythonCad]2D CADGPL2 2d drafting, not quite there yet
[CADvas] [upload:cadvas-0.2.2.tar.gz]2D CADGPL2+ a small python drafting program that teaches a lot about programming in python-the source code is easy to understand
[LibreCAD]2D CADGPL 2D drafting, native DXF format, fork of QCad free ported to qt4
[QCad]2D CADGPL 2D drafting, native DXF format
[camexpert]2D CAMCommercial addon for qcad to output GCODE
[PythonCascade]CAD libFreeware python interface to Open Cascade libraries
[Open Cascade]CAD lib Open Freeware Massively huge 3D CAD library, mostly C++ and Tk
[FreeCAD]3D CADGPL/LGPLCAx RAD based on OpenCascade, QT and Python (alpha)
[VariCAD]2D&3D CAD Commercial VariCAD is a 3D/2D CAD system for mechanical engineering that runs in Linux or Windows and supports STEP, STL, IGES, DWG and DXF file formats
[OpenSCAD]3D CADGPLv2OpenSCAD is software for creating solid 3D CAD objects. It is free software and available for Linux/UNIX, MS Windows and Apples OS X.

programs to run windows software under linux:
[Wine]emulatorGPLrun windows CAD/CAM apps on Linux without installing windows
[Crossover]emulatorCommerciala commercial version of Wine
[Qemu]emulatorGPLa virtual machine that lets you install many operating systems on your computer
[VirtualBox]emulatorGPL another virtual machine
[VMware]emulatorCommercial another virtual machine
[Win4Lin]emulatorCommercialanother virtual machine
[DOSBox]emulatorGPLallows use of DOS based apps and can video capture your DOS session.

note: a few of the links are copied from http://www.linuxwiki.de/EMC

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