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Pasos Basicos en Espanol

Log in before editing pages

Because of wiki-spamming bots, this wiki now requires that you log in before editing pages. Anyone can log in. You don't have to register or anything.
this can be done on [Preferences]

Choose a name for yourself, and in the box marked 'Administrator Password' enter the name of our mascot, whose picture is in the upper right of this page. If you don't know his name, please ask someone involved with the linuxcnc project. Sorry for this. Previously we had the wiki password right here, but it allowed spammers to vandalize the wiki and we've unfortunately had to remove it now.

Now, each page will have an 'Edit' link at the bottom.
Make sure that your browser will accept session cookies from wiki.linuxcnc.org.

Help with Markup

Most text will appear as you type it, but HTML and/or special wiki codes can be used to enhance appearance. Text formatting info for this wiki can be found at: [usemod.com]

You can see the result of your edits by using the "preview" button at the bottom of the edit window. The recomposed page will be shown below the "preview" button. Remember to "save" after you get the preview to appear as you intended.

If you want, you can use <br> to create additional carriage-return/linefeeds in places. The software respects normal carriage returns in most places.

If you want to create a link and new page you can just include a keyphrase with more than one capital letter. You can string together several words with no spaces, but capitalize each word.


This is called a WikiName, and makes the wiki create a link. After saving you need to click the ? mark next to the LikeThis[?] to edit the newly created page.

The question mark on the original page is automatically removed and replaced by a link the first time you click on it.

Do not edit the keyphrase after creating the link or the link will no longer point to your new page.

If for some reason you prefer NOT to use the Caps auto-url scheme, just use any free text, but enclose your text in double square brackets and the enclosed text will be used to create a link.

[[like this]]

You can also create external links that display the text of your choice by enclosing the URL and text label within brackets e.g. [http://www.linuxcnc.org Our Web Site] will display [Our Web Site] and be linked properly.

Finally, if you are a bit nervous of saving your first edits, you can see those scratchings on the SandBox page without fear that you will trash anything important.

Full documentation on using this wiki can be found at: [usemod.org]

Some notes on style

When choosing page names, don't make them too long. LinuxCNCOnDebian and [[LinuxCNC on debian]] are both better names than ApageDescribingHowToInstallLinuxCNCOnDebian.

If you mention LinuxCNC in your wiki page, please follow the official capitalization, like this: LinuxCNC. Note that since LinuxCNC is a subject that the wiki already knows, the wiki will, by default, make it a wiki link, and it will end up looking like this: LinuxCNC. Therefore, whenever you mention LinuxCNC, unless there is a reason not to, please use the nowiki tags around it, like this:

...blah blah blah <nowiki>LinuxCNC</nowiki> blah blah blah...

Consistent use of the nowiki tags will make the wiki look better by avoiding unneeded links back to the LinuxCNC wiki homepage.

Don't type in extra carriage returns—the wiki breaks lines at each one, making the lines look irregular. If you copy and paste text into the edit window, you may have to manually remove these extra carriage returns with delete or backspace. Most of the time you should see these problems in the preview but sometimes you might expand or contract the width of your browser to catch all of these pesky hidden codes.

Do please add a 'page current as of month/year', your name would be good too if you started the page

This is how you use an uploaded image: upload:chips-happy.png

Go get 'em!

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