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Why won't LinuxCNC run on Windows?

  1. LinuxCNC runs in real-time, to give smooth motion. This is critical to accuracy and machine life. Hard real-time is not available on Windows in a price range many can afford... especially those interested in using a PC-based control.
  2. LinuxCNC is intended to control machine tools. Machine tools are DANGEROUS and reliability/consistent behavior is extremely important. Compared to Windows, few viruses affect Linux. Even without consideration of viruses, Linux is far more stable.
  3. The above also apply to virtual machines (e.g., VMware or Virtual Box) and emulators. It may be possible to trick LinuxCNC to run on a virtual machine but do so at your own risk!
  4. The above notwithstanding, one can access a running LinuxCNC machine from a Windows machine, e.g., by running a Windows-based VNC client or X11 server.

(but linuxcnc in "simulator" mode works fine in virtualization products, whether the underlying hardware is Linux or another OS)

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