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A list of CAM post processors for EMC


1. EdgeCAM
2. MasterCam X9
3. Mastercam 9
4. Camworks
5. Vectric cut2D / cut3D / vcarve

1. EdgeCAM

 known working lathe post processor, with fully implemented G33 support; upload:EMC2_lathe.cgd , Edgecam 10.0
 (the lathe post will probably not work well with inch-based systems)


 Known working mill post processor; upload:emc2_mill_v2_5.cgd , Edgecam 11.5. Boring does not work

2. MasterCam X9

Mill: upload:mastercamX9-linuxcnc.zip has been successfully tested on a 3 axis machines

3. Mastercam 9




 -- Option 1: Use the stock MPFAN.PST from MC9, should work for 2D & 3D milling.
    Delete 1 line of code from the top of the NC file until it loads in EMC2.
    (approx. 3-4 lines)
    Programs from this on EMC2 mills all seem to work when using this post except
    for the lines at the beginning of the file that EMC2 doesn't like.  
    NOTE: you may have to remove some A.0 bits from random places in the file.

 -- Option 2: upload:EMC2.ZIP Mastercam post known to work for at least 2D machining...

4. Camworks

Camworks Post for LinuxCNC 2.4+ V1.0.2
Non Random tool change machines upload:linuxcnc-camworks.rar
For Machines with Random tool changers upload:linuxcnc-camworks_random.rar
Unzip to \CAMWorksData?\CAMWorks(version)\Posts

Test file parts & Output Code
NOTE:Not updated with 1.0.2

Camworks Post info:
Post for machines running LinuxCNC
Milling Post Only!

Functions Available:

  1. 3 axis Simultaneous (4 & 5 Index)
  2. G43 Hight Compensation.
  3. G40, G41 & G42 Cutter Compensation.
  4. Hole Cycles: G81 G82 (Dwell Support), G83 & G73
  5. Metric & Imperial (G21, G20).
  6. Use with CAMWorks Only.
  7. Rigid Tapping Support G33.1 XYZ K (right hand only)
  8. Subprogram Support (CALL, SUB, ENDSUB)
  9. Outputs in *.NGC saved File.
  10. Coolant Modes (M08 Flood,M09 Off,M07 Mist, M50 Through Hole)
  11. Boring Cycles Support (G85,G89)
  12. Feedrate output in Units/Min?
  13. M00, M01 Stopcode Support.
  14. G10 L20 Support.
  15. Axis Support, 4=A, 5=B indexing only

Knwn Issues:

  1. No G61 option Support : To be added as post option
  2. 5 axis Simultaneous to be tested

Version 1.0.2
date:03-02-13 Change Log: for 1.0.2

  1. Fix XYZ values for drilling cycles when restarting program
  2. Fix Plane selections.

Change Log: for 1.0.1

  1. Fix Dwell output on Spot drilling 0.2 in cam now posts as 0.2sec.
  2. Change N numbers from all lines to Tool change lines only.
  3. Fix Reigid tapping output - mainly code tiddy up.
  4. tiddy up some code output.
  5. Fix rotary output to output sign value on - index positions.

Old Camworks post limited functions: Mill: upload:PP_EMC2_Camworks.zip unzipp in \CAMWorksData?\CAMWorks2009\Posts

5. Vectric cut2D / cut3D / vcarve

( Available from http://www.vectric.com )

LinuxCNC post processors for Vectric cut2D and cut3D by cncbasher

Metric version: upload:Linuxcnc_mm.pp

Imperial version: upload:Linuxcnc_inch.pp

Updated versions now covering vcarve and allowing multiple toolchanges

Both versions: upload:ventric-linuxcnc-posts.zip


( Available from http://code.google.com/p/heekscad and http://code.google.com/p/heekscnc )

LinuxCNC post processors that I have changed are in this file -> HEEKSCNC folder Mai 2013 upload:heekscnc.zip
I use the 0.18 version on ubuntu 10.04 there is a pre DEB pack in the download area of CAD and CNC

then under "/usr/lib/ " there is a folder heekscnc where the files belong that are in the ZIP

have fun

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