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Electrical Discharge Machining aka EDM

Ray's suggestion:

We will need to build some sort of specialized interpreter script to handle reversing. This script should run whenever a HAL_edm pin is true. This could be written in Tcl for proof of ability. Once the ability has been proven, it should be rewritten in a compilable language for speed and operation across the several guis. Dave thinks that with minimal changing arcs can be handled as easily as line segments.

The edm functions could be built into the existing emc2 interpreter if it were made to save blocks of gcode rather than simply reading, making canonical commands, and discarding.

The following pins and parameters are just suggested. Please edit these as you see fit.


2006 09 13 a discussion on emc irc suggests that a different tack is needed for edm, and that using HAL directly is plausible. This means emc's trajectory planner wont be used intially. Tho a lot of the emc framework is wanted and needed, these tests will be a bit outside. The AXIS front end for EMC can display position for the Hal governed motion.

Dave Engvall has a way to send streams of positions to usrmot. He use a component from John Kasunich 'hal-streamer'. While emc2.0.3 is running, he opens a terminal and runs usrmot, there, he can manually or programmaticly ask for positions as triplets (thinking inside the xyz box for now ) ie: 25.4, 12.7, 50.8 and can change the request at will. you can try this yourself! now if we can get a program to determine where the electrode ought to be right now, we'd have a big part of the edm control done! This is not gcode, just a stream of positions from an external program.

Peter Gruendeman is working on a machine tool and generator.


CNC code fiddling


in general, the class of controller suited to EDM are 'gap-width controllers'.
that is the name to google for, 
it is a class of control, 
used by other disciplines besides EDM.

here's a 10 page pdf explaining why mill controls dont work for edm, and what does


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