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The purpose of this tutorial is to show how a digital zoom capability can be added to camview-emc.

The following image shows how the modified camview-emc looks like (HD5000 webcam, distance 100mm from the metric ruler)
HD5000 fixture described here: [[1]]


The control panel has been modified to provide direct zoom and focus control.

camviuew-emc material can be found here Axis Embed Video

Step #1: compile camunits to add util.crop capability


Step #2: install the modified camview-emc

Step #3: integrate with your LinuxCNC GUI

Add the following lines in your .ini file
EMBED_TAB_LOCATION = ntb_user_tabs
EMBED_TAB_COMMAND = ./camview-emc-f1oat.py -v 1280x720 -C camview.cfg -g cam.ui -H campins.hal  -w {XID} 


Use this version of halio.c: upload:halio.c

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