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(The related GladeVcpSetup page has more current information).

Gladevcp is now in the developer version of EMC 'master'
To use it One must manually add the system links to the glade folders.
see the READ ME in <EMC master folder name>lib/python/gladevcp.
To edit Gladevcp file one must use Glade version 3.6.7 (eg Ubuntu 10.04)
Gladevcp files that have been made with Glade 3.6.7 can be displayed on systems with older versions of Glade (eg Ubuntu 8.04)
But you can't edit and won't see the HAL objects using Glade.
If anyone wishes to donate more or needs help building new HAL widgets lets us know on the EMC Maillist

some test screens showing gladevcp
here is the glade editor:
upload:gladevcp8.png a modified Touchy with a vcp widget added. You actually don't need to recompile to add widgets:
upload:gladvcp7.png touchy and two stand alone panels note one is insensitive which can be controlled by HAL pin if wanted:
Pavel Shramov submitted a patch to be able to add gladevcp panels to Axis gui. Here is how to do it:

You need python-xlib installed

Add a file (shown below-rename it) named '.axisrc' to your home folder. It will be a hidden file. AXIS actually has a couple there already. Add two variables in DISPLAY section of ini file:

EMBED_TAB_COMMAND = gladevcp -c COMPNAME -w {XID} [path-to-glade-file]

GladeVCP? will be the tab name (change it if you like)
COMPNAME will be the prefix to your gladevcp widgets. (change it if you like)
[path-to-glade-file] is self explanatory.
you can also use gladevcp's -g option to change the geometry in AXIS's tab.

Notes on running gladevcp under Axis:

EMBED_TAB_COMMAND = gladevcp -c COMPNAME -w {XID} -h [path-to-halcommand-file] [path-to-glade-file]

If you're starting with the gladevcp-test.hal file in emc2-dev/lib/python/gladevcp.hal remember to comment out the loadusr statement near the top. This doesnt make sense because the file is read by a already running gladevcp instance.

This is a sample that has gladevcp embedded in a tab and pyvcp included on the right side:

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