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Building a Xenomai Runtime Package

This howto describes building the xenomai-runtime package from git.

The Xenomai runtime package is needed by the Xenomai threads versions of LinuxCNC (xenomai-kernel and xenomai-user). See this page for more info: XenomaiKernel

This recipe was developed on Ubuntu Precise, amd64 arch, but will probably work for other versions of Debian-like distros and other arches.

It assumes you want to build a specific release. Building from the head of the master branch will need some tweaks to the below procedure.

Prerequisites ==

Set variables needed for the build ===

Adjust the following values according to your needs.

# Which xenomai release to use. Stable version here:
# http://download.gna.org/xenomai/stable/

# Your name and email for the commit

install prerequisite packages

These may not be enough; git-buildpackage will print a list if more are needed.

# package build prereqs
sudo apt-get install devscripts debhelper dh-kpatches findutils
# git build prereqs
sudo apt-get install git-core git-buildpackage

download patch

This patch fixes a problem with the build. It will be sent upstream and hopefully integrated.

Download it into the current directory: upload:xenomai-2.6.2-rules_copy_kernel_patches.patch

Build xenomai

# clone repo, check out tagged version into new branch
git clone git://git.xenomai.org/xenomai-2.6.git
cd xenomai-2.6
git checkout -b v$XENO_VERSION-deb v$XENO_VERSION

# update changelog
debchange -v $XENO_VERSION Release $XENO_VERSION

# remove the 'configure' script; this shouldn't be in git,
# and git-buildpackage chokes when it removes configure and
# there are resulting uncommitted changes in the repo
git rm configure

# commit changes
git commit -am $XENO_VERSION --author="$FULLNAME <$EMAIL>"

# fix copying of kernel patches in debian/rules and commit
git apply -p1 < ../xenomai-2.6.2-rules_copy_kernel_patches.patch
git commit -am "debian/rules: fix kernel patch copying" \
--author="$FULLNAME <$EMAIL>"

# build the package
git-buildpackage \
--git-debian-branch=v$XENO_VERSION-deb \
--git-export-dir=.. \
-uc -us

# install resulting packages
cd ..
sudo dpkg -i *.deb


* Xenomai.org instructions for building these packages
** http://www.xenomai.org/index.php/Building_Debian_packages

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