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The Xenomai RT Kernel

Michael Haberler's new branch supports the Xenomai Realtime kernel. Information on installing it can be found here: NewRTInstall.


Building a Debian or Ubuntu Xenomai runtime tools package

The XenomaiRuntimePackage recipe is prerequisite to building the kernel itself.

Building a Debian or Ubuntu kernel package with Xenomai patches

The XenomaiKernelPackageFromTarball recipe is a quick way to build a one-off kernel package.

Experimental Ubuntu Xenomai kernel package repository

John Morris has put up an experimental Ubuntu package repository containing Xenomai packages. See XenomaiKernelPackages for more information.

Running Xenomai regression tests

To be sure your Xenomai kernel is behaving as expected, run the regression tests whenever you install a new kernel or new hardware. All tests, with the exception of clocktest -C 42 -T 30, should always pass. The test script will stop upon failure of any test.

If a test fails, please make a bug report to the Xenomai mailing list: http://www.xenomai.org/mailman/listinfo/xenomai Be sure to put the output of the regression test (incl. command line), kernel config (/boot/config-*) and output of dmesg on e.g. pastebin and provide links to them in your bug report.

Note: In the following regression test commands, be sure the path to dohell is correct for your system. In the xenomai Debian packages available from XenomaiKernelPackages and Debian packages built directly from upstream sources, the path is /usr/lib/xenomai/testsuite/dohell. The path may vary depending on the --with-testdir configure script option. If none is given, the path will be /usr/bin/dohell. dohell has been seen in /usr/lib/xenomai/dohell (mhaberler's beaglebone distribution), /usr/lib64/xenomai/dohell (zultron's RPM packages), and /usr/xenomai/bin/dohell (mhaberler's older x86 binary distribution).

Debian or Ubuntu

Light load:

  sudo xeno-regression-test -l "/usr/lib/xenomai/testsuite/dohell -m /tmp 100" -t 2

Heavy load, using ltp:

  sudo apt-get install ltp
  sudo xeno-regression-test -l "dohell -m /tmp -l /usr/lib/ltp/tools" -t 2

Debian wheezy

Wheezy seems not to stock ltp. To build and run from source:

  wget -O /tmp/ltp-full-20130503.tar.xz  http://sourceforge.net/projects/ltp/files/LTP%20Source/ltp-20130503/ltp-full-20130503.tar.xz/download 
  tar Jxvf /tmp/ltp-full-20130503.tar.xz
  cd ltp-full-20130503/
  sudo make install

which installs ltp in /opt/ltp ; then run like so:

  cd /usr/xenomai/bin
  sudo ./xeno-regression-test -l "dohell -m /tmp -l /opt/ltp/testcases/bin" -t 2

RedHat-like distros

There is no ltp package for EL6, so only light load testing is available.


  sudo xeno-regression-test -l "/usr/lib64/xenomai/dohell -m /tmp 100" -t 2


  sudo xeno-regression-test -l "/usr/lib/xenomai/dohell -m /tmp 100" -t 2

Testing notes

A page for recording data about initial testing XenomaiKernelTesting

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