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Using EMC2

Start EMC2 by choosing Applications > CNC > EMC2 from the menu, or by typing "emc" at a command prompt. You immediately see the configuration wizard which shows a list of available sample configurations. By clicking on each you can read about it. When you are ready, you can run an existing configuration or you can copy an existing configuration directory into your own directory (~/emc2/configs/) to further customize it. Next, you may wish to read up on Configuring EMC2..



and remember,



but only you know exactly what that means, because only you fully understand _your_ situation. Unfortunately we do not dispense safety advice since it could possibly be construed as a guarantee that, if our advice were followed, you will be safe. So, it is your responsibility to research and follow your local safety codes, and it is also your responsibility to THINK and UNDERSTAND the operation and possible hazards of your machine before even putting it together.

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