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LxCVision Handbox

The aim of this projekt is to create a remote pendant for jogging and setup, from scratch.
This is part of the LxCVision? projekt, the overal aim of witch is to create a new touch gui and provide a well documented way to controll Mill Turn and EDM machines using the EtherCAT bus.
Althoug it is a part of the LxCvision projekt the handbox can bee used with any LinuxCNC machine with a spare ethernet port.

The LxCVision Handbox can bee build with simple of the shelf componants and features a 3,5" touchscreen, 7 buttons and a Joggweel (quadrature encoder).
A arduino due is used as its brains and a 3,5" Nextion Touchscreen enables the user to easely coustomize the user interface.

Working Principal:

Bill of materials:

System Requirements:

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