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Proposal: Branch stepconf to create a new more advanced configuration wizard.

I propose that we branch stepconf and create a new advancedconf wizard to ultimately be included in EMC2 releases alongside stepconf. Since we would be branching from stepconf we would automatically inherit configuration ability for stepper drives and would only need to add configuration for servo drives.

maybe it shouldn't be called "advancedconf" because that would give users the impression that it's the best way to create advanced configurations, whereas writing raw HAL files will always be more configurable and less buggy. how about "quickconf" instead?

Ability to import stepconf and save advance conf. This would allow people who had developed their configuration files with stepconf to later use advconf to add additional features to their configurations.

The new wizard might eventually support things such as: Tabs for configurations using:

    Analog 0-10 vdc
Tabs to help implement:
    Spindle Encoder
    Backlash Comp
    Draw Pyvcp panels supporting all existing widgets and
        Create MDI Commands
    (Maybe Classic Ladder at some point)
    and to the point that it is designed to be user customizable (support for Axis customization)

Support for Configuration of stepper and servo systems using:

    Mesa HostMot2 - 5I20 & 7I43
    PicoSystems? - Universal Stepper, etc.
    Others - ???

Support for conversions to EMC2 using various existing machines, BOBs and drives:

        Industrial Hobbies
        Seig, etc
        Geckodrive G540
        The new mini-cpld drives, etc
        Campbell (SoundLogic?)
        CNC4PC, etc

Servo tuning (possibly PID autotune) as well as stepper testing. Scale verification facility (check requested motion relative to achieved motion) and scale adjustment.

Possibly the ability to output a wiring list that would allow someone to create a config and then wire a controller to match.

Also a procedure by which a implementor or manufacturer could provide the necessary information in a required format and have a new drive, BOB or machine to the configuration wizard.

I would also suggest that we create an actual plan for development (goals and priorities)

Thanks, Alan

Well here is what I had in mind and have started to work on...kinda a wish list too...

first stage:

config program for simple servo systems using the same frame work (glade druid) as stepconf (if fact some of the pages are from stepconf.)
possibly have a check box to only display essential options? (so basically a basic/advanced flag)
to support mesa 5i20 using the orginal hotmot4 driver and parallel ports.
to support AXIS and Tkemc frontends.
To have a 'Test page' of some kind to help with setup of axis drives/encoders, Axis measurement between limit switches, tuning aids etc.
to support Classicladder pyvcp and halui pretty much like the new advanced page in stepconf I would add ability to set the MDI commands on the page.

later stage
Add support for new mesa driver and boards and other popular hardware drivers if reasonably possible.
Add possibility to add simulated external hardware to a users made up config. (like we have in the EMC config picker) so they can try it out with out the hardware. (lofty goal!)
add support to help set up a joystick/hid device in a more automated way (lofty goal?)
What ever else users ask for that is reasonable/possible/acceptable

Chris Morley

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