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Vismach is a simulator to show 3D previews of a physical machine. Vismach.py is a python library to draw objects in the simulation window. It is located in /usr/share/pyshare (can't find it on git - was it removed?). The simultion itself needs a further a script in which following things are described using the functions defined in vismach.py:

The scripts are located in /usr/bin. At the moment are more simulations available:

Details about the functions have to be found out from vismach.py - there is no documetation at the moment. One can see the funtions in use in the scripts named above.

Here are some screenshots:


upload:hbm-vismach-ss1.png ' upload:hbm-vismach-ss2.png



vismach can be used to verify motions that don't show up in AXIS preview, such as custom kinematics or m-codes

this screenshot shows a "virtual rotary table" using the C-axis


Another example on what one can do with LinuxCNC (ex Enhanced Machine Controller) and Vismach help.


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