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Next meeting

The next meeting will be at 16:00 GMT on Saturday August 24.

The meeting format is described in MeetingsOnIRC

Meeting on: IRC channel on freenode #linuxcnc-meet

log of previous meetings is here: http://meetlog.archivist.info/

Agenda Items

Please add a link to pertinent info of your proposal, so others can research and understand what you are proposing. (eg. if you want to be release manager - how you would actually do the job)

1. I propose that we officially standardize on the 4th Saturday of each month as the meeting date. (Seb Kuzminsky)

2. Drop Hardy support for >v2.5_branch: (John Morris/zultron)

  2.1.  Project policy:  after 2.5, Hardy support will be dropped
  2.2.  Buildbots:  do not trigger Hardy builds for non-2.5 branches

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