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Notes on the Mazak Retrofit Project

A large amount of information has been gathered and put in various places.

Initially a LyX document was created to list wires and such, and placed in CVS to allow for multiple folks to work on it. But the wiki is probably a better place for that, since it allows anybody to work on it. That information is being moved here, but the move isn't complete yet.

Tom Powderly went back a during the summer and did an enormous amount of wire tracing and photography. The results are in a [31 megabyte tarball] in the linuxcnc.org dropbox. In time, those photos and notes (or a subset of them) will be moved here for more convenient public access. (An un-tarred version is available [here] in the meanwhile.

Fenn also wrote up a summary of what we did so far, with lots of pictures, on his home page. http://fenn.freeshell.org/retrofest/default.html

EMC2 developers note. You will start up more than one process that uses the HAL while you are developing the specific personality for your machine. Classic ladder is an example. If you start emc so that it reads in the *.hal files and then start up CL you need to remember to stop all these secondary programs before you stop the emc. If you stop emc first, it can not drag all of the kernel modules out and successfully clean up the system. /sbin/lsmod and /sbin/rmmod will be your friends here.

You should also start classic ladder sudo so that it can save your work. The current classicladder has some goofy file machinations that involve temporary stuff but sudo will get you through them without problems. Trying to start EMC2 without sudo will get an error but CL doesn't warn you that it will NOT be able to save.

It is a good plan while testing and changing ladder stuff, to back EMC out of running some by turning on estop so that most of the ladder connected devices you are developing for are disabled.

Table of Contents

Follow the links below for the details:

MazakLog describes the people involved, and some of the "fun" we've had (discovering things the hard way mostly)

MazakPlanning is a place to brainstorm how we will address some of the issues.

MazakPowerOnOff describes power sequencing

MazakEstopChain describes how things are interlocked

ToolChangerImplementation contains some generic notes about toolchanger implementation, we will need a page that addresses the specifics of the Mazak as well.

MazakSpindleGearChange describes the sequencing needed to change speeds on the two speed spindle gearbox.

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