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see http://www.linuxcnc.org/docview/devel/html//gcode_overview.html#sub:Named-Parameters

Named parameters for rs274ngc

#<named parameter here> is a local named parameter. By default, a named parameter is local to the scope in which it is assigned.

#<_global named parameter here>. is a global named parameter. They are accessible from within called subroutines and may set values within subroutines that are accessible to the caller. As far as scope is concerned, they act just like regular numeric parameters. They are not stored in files.


 #<_endmill_dia> = 0.049  ( declaration of named global variable )
 #<_endmill_rad> = [#<_endmill_dia>/2.0] ( reference to previously declared global varaiable )
 o100 call [0.0] [0.0] [#<_inside_cutout>-#<_endmill_dia>] [#<_Zcut>] [#<_feedrate>]  ( mixed literal and named params )

see also

done new comment features

finally done named o-words

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