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NURBS implementation in emc2

Great News!!!

Manfredi (Xemet) Leto and Prof. Ernesto Lo Valvo from the University of Palermo (Italy) has provided a prototype NURBS interface for EMC2. This is not a full NURBS implementation but a simplified NURBS to Biarcs conversion embedded into EMC2. This implementation provides a fully functional (but still experimental) starting point to machining NURBS with EMC.

Xemet asks that we all recognize Jeff Epler's effort in helping him make this implementation possible.


Xemet's original patch has been updated to work with emc2-trunk (2009/3/2).

link to the patch [upload:nurbs_03_03_2009.patch]

Prof. Ernesto Lo Valvo has also generously provided a script to export 2D NURBS from Rhino CAD drawings. Here are the links to the RhinosNURBS?.ngc script [upload:Nurbs2Ngc.rvb] and the Rhino 3D Butterfly model [upload:butterfly.3dm].

Documentation can be found in [upload:AMST08_art837759.pdf] And a later improvement to the algorithm is presented here: [upload:ECME14.pdf]

How to install the patch

Follow the instructions in Installing EMC2. The development version currently (6/20/2009) has the nurbs patch added.

Try to load the example file butterfly.ngc located at /home/your_username/emc2-NURBS/nc_files/

more informations to be added soon...

NURBS machining with a BeagleBone

In this video is possible to see NURBS machining with LinuxCNC on BeagleBone Black


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