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I have 2 cats called George and Woolly - Robin S

I have 2 cats called Roo and Felix (and a dumb dog called Buddy) - John K

5 cats now have US - Sunny, about as feral a cat as you'll find, adopted our garage 2 winters ago. A scraggly-looking calico. She had 2 kittens last summer, one disappeared :( and the other grew up as a semi-feral near-clone of her mom. But, she has amazing personality, and enjoys being around our kids. I stuck my head in the garage last winter and there was Georgia sitting upright, right between a couple of my kids, watching intently as they painted some little "christmas village gingerbread house" sort of things they's made. She was just like one of the kids in there, just smaller and furrier! She lets my wife and one daughter pick her up and bring her in the house for about 2 minutes, then she wants back outside. But, she is the most regal cat I've known. Now, Sunny has had 3 more kittens, but they are nearly black. She lets us handle the kittens more than is probably good for them.

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