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At the linuxcnc meeting on June 21, 2013 in Wichita, Kansas at MPM, Inc., the attendees discussed the problems of governance and project administration. The consensus was that the current system of a Board of Directors hasn't kept up with the evolving needs of the project. A decision was reached to restart the regular monthly meetings on IRC, and to create a procedure for setting the meeting agendas.

The process is as follows:

  1. If it hasn't been created yet, make a wiki page with the name Meeting<yyyymm>. For example, the page concerned with the June 2013 meeting was titled Meeting201306.
  2. Once created, the page is open to any concerned individual who wants to raise an issue for discussion during the meeting. Others may use the space on the wiki page to add commentary and links to materials relevant to any issue. Concerned individuals that are unable to attend the meeting may also express their preferences so as to be considered during the discussion.
  3. Meetings will be held on #linuxcnc-meet on irc.freenode.net the fourth Saturday of each month at 1600 UTC.
  4. Agenda items will be considered in an order to be determined by the urgency, complexity, and the order they were added to the agenda.
  5. The discussion will be logged and a summary of the issues discussed, and decisions made will be posted to the emc-developers e-mail list.
  6. To further the discussion before the meeting, send a message to the dev maillist with the title similar to: 'DISCUSS: my agenda item idea', changing my agenda item idea to an appropriate title.
    The mailing list is the place to discuss, sell and adjust an idea. The meeting is for voting on an item - only a little discussion is allowed (approx max 15 mins)
  7. If there are no agenda items, no IRC meeting is held.

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