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Next meeting

The next meeting will be at 1600UTC on Saturday 2016-06-25.

The meeting format is described in MeetingsOnIRC

Meeting on: IRC channel on freenode #linuxcnc-meet

log of previous meetings is here: http://meetlog.archivist.info/

Agenda Items

Please add a link to pertinent info of your proposal, so others can research and understand what you are proposing. (eg. if you want to be release manager - how you would actually do the job) To further the discussion before the meeting send a message to the dev maillist with the title similar to: 'DISCUSS: my agenda item idea' changing my agenda item idea to an appropriate title. The meeting is for voting on an item - only a little discussion is allowed (approx max 15 mins per item).

  1. Thank all developers who have contributed to the joints-axes project, but particularly Dewey Garrett, Michael Geszkiewicz, Alex Joni, and Andy Pugh for their major contributions. [jepler] [Discussion thread]
  2. Rebase and then merge the most current "joints-axes" branch to the linuxcnc.org master branch. [jepler] [Discussion thread]
  3. Recommend to developers and to release manager Moses McKnight? to shift the emphasis of master branch development to stability rather than new features, so that we can release "2.7+1" with JA features sooner rather than later. [jepler] [Discussion thread]

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