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Note: this file will not work with 2.4 or newer versions of LinuxCNC unless modified to not look for the [EMC]NML_FILE in the ini file.

Les N. originally came up with this work around to allow jogging while paused in LinuxCNC a few years ago to make tool changes easier.

This has been passed around between a few people on the email list and as such it needs to be included in the Wiki.

There have been some safety concerns regarding this change, but several people are using it. So as usual take safety precautions and keep you hand near the Estop button while testing this.

Text from the email that has been passed around:

quote -

This is a modified manual tool change macro. If you are using an EMC release, this file goes in /usr/bin. Either rename the existing file or rename this one then change your hal file to suit. If you are using run-in-place it goes in emc2-trunk/bin. You may have to change the file's properties to make it executable.

When you hit a tool change you will get the manual tool change dialog as normal. Now however you can go back to Axis and jog, use the MDI etc. When you are finished go to the manual toolchange dialog and click on 'continue'. As I mentioned before it does not track the spindle and coolant. Your code also must not make any assumptions about the tool position after the tool change. You know the drill, from using Mach.

This is just a proof of concept and it has a number of known problems: It does not detect if you load a new g-code file while it is waiting for a tool change. Do not press the run button in Axis while the manual tool change dialog is showing. EMC won't close properly while the manual tool change dialog is showing (this bug also exists in the standard tool change macro).

- end quote

The existing file is called "hal_manualtoolchange" and if your system is "installed" and not a rip setup (run in place development setup), look in /usr/bin for it.

This is the altered tool change macro. Save the text into a file and set it to be executable or simply alter the original file.


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