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LxCVision Handbox

The aim of this projekt is to create a remote pendant for jogging and setup, from scratch.
This is part of the LxCVision? projekt, the overal aim of witch is to create a new touch gui and provide a well documented way to controll Mill Turn and EDM machines using the EtherCAT bus.
Althoug it is a part of the LxCvision projekt the handbox can bee used with any LinuxCNC machine with a spare ethernet port.

The LxCVision Handbox can bee build with simple of the shelf componants and features a 3,5" touchscreen, 7 buttons and a Joggweel (quadrature encoder).
A arduino due is used as its brains and a 3,5" Nextion Touchscreen enables the user to easely coustomize the user interface.

Working Principal:

The Handbox provides the user with controls for jogging, stoping and starting the current programm and any amount of additional functions can be accessed do to the flexible UI that is provided throug the touch display.
For safty reasons the pendant is a slve to the CNC control and does not perform any actions on its own. It merly extends the UI of the machine away from the main display.
For example if the users wants to jogg an axis and turns the handwheel the pendant sends the axis to be jogged, the speed at whitch this is to be done and the direction to the control which will coordinate the required motion.

The Arduino:

Processes all inputs and outputs from the buttons, encoder and touchdisplay. This means the pendant can operate independantly from the machines computer an doesn't use up its resourches while the machine is running.

Bill of materials:

System Requirements:

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