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Halconfig is a graphical interface designed to help simplify the process of configuring your HAL hardware abstraction layer.

Halconfig has a bunch of tests that it runs during startup. These find out if you are EMC2 ready and will start setupconfig if it finds an installed emc2 with a realtime environment. Halconfig also requires that you add a package to your system. If this is a BDI or another debian based system and you are web enabled, you can issue the command

 sudo  apt-get install bwidget 
If it is already installed you should get some answers like this.
 rayh@ray64:~$ sudo apt-get install bwidget
Reading Package Lists... Done
Building Dependency Tree... Done
bwidget is already the newest version.

With that package in place, and a running EMC2 when you startup halconfig you will get a display a bit like the one shown below.

That display shows an expanded tree under signals and shows the result of clicking on the "Components" word in the tree itself. It also shows a command in the entry widget near the bottom of the display. That command

 newsig MySig1 bit 
has already been entered and you can see that the signal named MySig1? is shown in the tree.

The menu -> Settings -> Watch allows you to click on leaves in the tree and see what their values are while you run the EMC2. The refresh on these is dreadfully slow but it will show things like the state of estop and how that and machine on affect the values of pins.

Good luck and add your observations here.

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