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Ideas for improving halscope

The following are ideas mentioned in an IRC discussion on 20060504:

Otherwise Undocumented Information

One can invoke halscope at a command line
Which will return an error if it doesn't find a running HAL configuration. If you have LinuxCNC or an HAL application running, halscope will come up and be ready to use.

Invoking halscope with -h at a command line
halscope -h
  halscope [-h] [-i infile] [-o outfile] [num_samples]

-i with a file name appended starts halscope and configures it using the named file. Without -i, halscope tries to load autosave.halscope . Normally one would invoke halscope and connect signals, set signal levels, positions, trigger level and such. If you plan on using the setup again, select File then Save Configuration and give your file a name. When halscope quits it also automatically saves the active configuration in autosave.halscope, so alternatively, you could copy the autosave.halscope file and rename the copy. Beware, the autosave.halscope file gets saved on every program exit, so don't use the autosave.halscope file to reuse a configuration you want to hold on to.

Another option, and maybe preferred, is to invoke halscope with the -o option which saves a configuration file to the file name after the -o .
halscope -o encoder_debugging.halscope

The last halscope option is an entry to change the number of samples captured, but this is covered in the Advanced HAL Tutorial documentation.

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