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Starting in LinuxCNC 2.5 you may have Touchy and Gladevcp display using different themes then what the desktop uses.
GTK themes control the look and feel of the windows such as basic color, icons, the way combo boxes work etc.

Stock themes can be found in /usr/share/themes folder
Right clicking on the desktop and choosing 'change desktop background' will show a dialog box with a theme tab.
This will not show all the themes this will change the whole system to that chosen theme.
Touchy's preference tab will have a combo box that lists all the available themes.
Unfortunately most pretty much look the same but if you go on the WEB...
The interesting thing is you can control quite a bit of the look of the buttons etc.
Even control how some of the buttons work such as how the combobox displays it's list
One could modify a theme to blend perfectly with AXIS for example.
If you come up with a good theme please share it here

Here is a modified theme from the Gnome foundation called blue-joy. It uses a 'theme engine' that allows you to substitute PNG (and..) for each widget.
I changed it to have red buttons.(using GIMP)
It needs some work... the highlight of the current G-code line does not show.,
add it to your /usr/share/themes folder
then when you load Touchy goto the preference tab and under themes combo box select Blue-Joy.
upload:touchy-theme-1.png Here is Redmond which fits well with AXIS gui when using Gladevcp

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