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EpoCAT FR1000 is a control board for axes in frequency/burst.

The board is compatible with EtherCAT protocol. With a maximum output frequency up to 1MHz, it is ideal for applications with step motors, and applications with burst piloted brushless motors. The board manages up to 5 axes in frequency, 4 inputs, 2 outputs, 1 DAC of 12 bit and 2 ADC of 12 bit. The board is supplied with all connectors and can be installed on DIN guide.


 5-CH 5Volt for frequency signals pulse
 5-CH 5Volt for direction signals
  The frequency and direction signals can be in:
  1 differential mode (1MHz)
  2 single ended positive mode (250KHz)
  3 single ended negative mode (250KHz)
 5-CH 5Volt for enable/boost signals
 5-CH DI 24Volt for motor drives OK
 1-CH DI 24Volt for inverter drive OK
 5-CH DI 24Volt for home microswitch
 4-CH DI 24Volt for general purpose
 5-CH DI fast input for motor index (Z)
 5-CH DO 24Volt-200mA NPN to enable motor servodrive
 1-CH DO 24Volt-200mA NPN to enable inverter servodrive
 2-CH DO 24Volt-200mA NPN for general output
 1-CH 12 bit analog-output +- 10Volt
 2-CH 12 bit analog-input 0+10Volt, input impedance 1Mohm, high precision for measuring device
 1 source output 5V for precision Switch
 1 receive low current, high speed signal from precision Switch

Here is a photo of the board:

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