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A list of source files and topics that need to be looked at during the course of the codeFest. This is more of a PostIt? page rather than a "must do" list. Please add files and comments....

Translation files - How best to integrate them in to EMC

emctaskmain.cc - A long list of FIXME comments to resolve.

emc.hh - How much of the status data is *really* used ?

MO6Txx...interfacing to a plc for automatic tool change

Trajectory Planning.

segmentqueue testing for servo and stepper
tp.c - Under what conditions does "Motion ID" gets returned as zero by the RT code ?

ini parameters

MAX_OUTPUT & MIN_OUTPUT - Clamps the max outputs of the DACs ?? A value is hard coded in the DAC routines, but causes problems for metric configs.
Why does the TRAJ and AXIS_n sections both need UNITS ? (there are no unit conversions done in the servo loops AFAIK).
Why is units either 1 or 1/25.4 ... either accept arbitary units or accept "mm" or "in" .. or "1" "0", but 1 and whatever that funny random decimal fraction is ... weird.

IO logic, bridgeport, minimill, tkio, and classicladder

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