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Here are some examples of machines built using LinuxCNC as the controller

http://webpages.charter.net/bengvall/emc/emcconversion.html Dave Engvall's Mazak conversion

JakeAndRussells HM45 chineese conversion
[Stuart Stevenson's G&L Horizontal Boring MIll]
[Stuart Stevenson's Dah-Lih]
jlmjvm's bridgeport using steppers with encoders
[Robert Harpham's Leadwell VMC mill conversion]
[Igor Chudov's Bridgeport Series II Interact 2 CNC Mill]
[Jean-Paul Moniz's First 3 axis CNC mill Bridgeport clone]
[Construction Van de Walle's Norte VS-2000 VMC]
[George Reeder's Bridgeport R2E4 & LinuxCNC for Dummies page]
Mini Mills
[Chris Radek's MaxNC retrofit and improvements]
Weyland's RF31 retro-fit
[Opti BF20 with steppers]
This machine now has DC servo control http://www.anderswallin.net/2008/09/servo-setup/
[Lerneaen Hydra's Opti BF20 retrofit with steppers]
[xemet's desktop CNC (Proxxon MF70)]
[X3 Benchtop Conversion]
[Dewey Garrett's X3 Mini Mill with servos]
[Mike Gilsdorf's Smithy 622 Mini Mill (crashing)]

[Andy Pugh's Holbrook Minor conversion (in 9 articles)]
[Lerneaen Hydra's Emco compact 5 retrofit]
[Kirk Wallace's Hardinge HNC with tool turret]
[Robert Harpham's Hardinge Superslant Twin Turret Lathe conversion. ]
[Index GE42 3-Axis Lathe] by LUDA Mechatronik (Austria)
[Restauracion de torno educativo, spanish]
[Restauracion de maquinas varias, spanish]

Micges Laser 2.1m x 1.3m, 2,5d laser
Micges Laser 2 2m rotation laser
[DIY. How to build a Homemade Router Laser CNC from old Printers parts.]
[Construcción de un Router Laser CNC ( Spanish version ).]

Robin Szemeti's plasma 2.5 x 1.25m plasma cutter
[Jarl & Carl 2.5m x 6.5m plasma cutter]
John Thornton's [Plasma Cutter]
A2 Mechshop's 4x4 plasma gantry: GantryPlasmaMachine

[Micges Table Mill]
Les Watts' router a really nice big servo-driven router
Robin Szemeti's router cheap and cheerful 3 axis router for signmaking.
[Nathan's router] a DIY 3-axis wooden router
Brian Mihulka's router A 6'x10' router purchased used and converted to LinuxCNC
A2 Mechshop's 4x4 gantry is also built to support a routing head: GantryPlasmaMachine

Rapid prototyping (3d printing)
[EMCRepStrap 3d printer]
Rapid prototype machine for plastics http://dev.www.reprap.org/bin/view/Main/EmcRepStrap

Weird kinematics
Alex Joni's toy - a small cable tripod that proves LinuxCNC kinematics working
Koppi's toy - a bipod that proves LinuxCNC kinematics working
[CNC Inverted Cable Tripod] (using kins to fly a ghost around the yard!)
[dave anderson's small cable hexapod] and till franitza's hexaglide model
a [a thread on hexapod designs] that repeatedly mentions LinuxCNC, although nobody has actually built anything, the slackers
[www.cnc-hotwire.de] A dual-bipod (wire and winch) foam cutter. Very elegant.
[Inverted Tetrapod] - This is a Cable Inverted Tetrapod, inspired to the above mentioned bipod and triopods. We use this system in theaters for artistic purpose.
[Hexapod] 6-axis hexapod (Stewart platform) mill prototype.
[Enhanced Machine Controller Antenna Range (EMCAR)]
Dewey Garrett's [Ornamental Turning Engine]

LinuxCNC Installations in progress

MazakRetro notes on the retrofit of a Mazak V machining center
[Deckel DC30 Retrofit] by LUDA Mechatronik (Austria)
Michael Cormack's [Jet JVM-830 CNC Conversion]
Kirk Wallace's [Shizuoka ST-N mill conversion]
[The Multimachine] is built out of used truck engine blocks (!) -- is it possible to [add CNC numerical control to the Multimachine]?
"Casafrog" Tsugami Lathe retrofit/rebuild http://www.casafrog.com/cfblog/
[Index GS30 5-Axis Lathe] by LUDA Mechatronik (Austria)

See also the Videos page

To Add your machine to this page follow these [Basic Steps]

Link Broken http://members.optusnet.com.au/~cncmill/cnc.html Andrew Garths 3 Axis CNC mill (testing in progress)

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