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Revision 8 . . April 17, 2014 3:42 pm by ChrisRadek [Release 2.5.4]
Revision 7 . . July 24, 2013 8:40 am by Cradek [Release 2.5.3]
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Apr 17, 2014: LinuxCNC 2.5.4 released

LinuxCNC 2.5.4 has been released.

Bugfixes and changes in this version:

* Build: update dependencies for Debian 7
* Docs: many fixes and updates
* HAL: blend: fix docs to match the real behavior
* HAL: edge: fix incorrect edge trigger at startup: Bug #346
* HAL: ilowpass: handle encoder counter overflows properly
* HAL: lcd: fix formatting when no format length is specified
* HAL: new components bin2gray, gray2bin for Gray code conversion
* HAL: new components bitwise and bitslice, for bitwise math operations
* HAL: pcl720: fix in-not pins
* HAL: thc: fix incorrect calculation of velocity tolerance: Bug #348
* Hostmot2: document ability to have multiple 7i43 cards
* Hostmot2: fix for PCI transfers on Linux 3.x kernels
* Hostmot2: fix resolver index emulation/detection
* Hostmot2: fix resolver total brokenness on 64-bit builds
* Interpreter: fix crash when returning from a subroutine, to a file that has been deleted: Bug #357
* Interpreter: fix VW-plane (G19.1) canned cycles
* NGCGUI: Always apply tool offset when loading a tool
* NGCGUI: Fix qpocket stepover, ramping for mm users
* NML: fix remote clients talking to linuxcncserver
* Pncconf: allow setting the number of classicladder bits and words
* Pncconf: fix configurations requesting gladevcp panels without spindle speed displays
* Pncconf: fix 7i43 address designation: Bug #358
* Pncconf: fix 5i25+prob_rfx2 pin numbering problem: Bug #331
* Pncconf: fix testing of smart-serial based spindles
* Pncconf: place STEPGEN_MAXVEL/STEPGEN_MAXACCEL values in the ini
* PPMC: Add new sample config showing encoder velocity estimation
* PyVCP: in a spinbox, allow entering a value with Return: Bug #364
* Stepconf: better defaults for axis-test distances
* Stepconf: fix spindle-at-speed connection
* Task: fix several problems with M61 (set currently-loaded tool)
* Touchy: MDI support for M61 Q
* Touchy: MDI support for multi-turn arcs
* TP: fix a minor acceleration constraint violation in some arcs

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