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With 1047 ballots distributed and 97 returned, the result of the voting is as follows:
* 84 Chris Radek
* 80 Alex Joni
* 79 Jeff Epler
* 78 John Kasunich
* 58 Stephen Wille Padnos
* 47 John Thornton
* 29 Sam Sokolik

Thanks for taking the time to vote, and congratulations to the elected board members.

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I have been a board member since 2005.

Since the last election I have done a lot of work for the upcoming EMC
2.3. The most important new features I've written recently are a new
cutter diameter compensation algorithm that handles inside corners, 5
axis tool length offset support, on-the-fly maximum velocity control for
safe dry runs, and spindle-at-speed handling so motion can wait at the
appropriate times for slowly accelerating/decelerating spindles. I have
also written many smaller new features, fixed many bugs, and helped many
people on the irc channel and mailing lists. I continue to maintain the
linuxcnc CVS server and do other organizational work as a board member.

I am using EMC2 on three of my personal machines, including one full
size chucker lathe.

I look forward to continuing this work, and to the 2.3 series of

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