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LinuxCNC Integrator Meeting 2014 Europe -> Germany -> Stuttgart

  * [Check here what happened last year]

  * Date: 25.- 26. Oktober 2014
  * Time: 8:30 - open end
  * Place:
   * Camflight, Löwentorstraße 68 / Bau VI, 70376 Stuttgart
     Location on [google maps]
   * or ring us up if you have trouble finding us: 07119120110

  * This year's opportunity: hack and get an ABB robot of your own:

  * About us:
    We are a two-man show for interactive exhibition construction,
    construction of prototypes.

  * How we make a living:

    We saw whole cars to pieces and create exhibits of the technology
    involved in building cars as well as the inherent advances
    of technology and and distinctive features.

    CNC machines help us in those endeavors.

  * What to expect:
    Knowledge exchange.

    Pictures/presentations of machines running LinuxCNC.

    We want you to bring your LinuxCNC related barriers to progress
    along - whether that is in thoughts or in form of unfinished machinery
    so we can work on solving the faced issues together.

    We have prepared multiple project-tables where you can setup your gear.
    For those who can't bring their own hardware we have prepared some
    all-purpose workstations with Mesa servo, Pluto-P controllers as well
    as computers running LinuxCNC.

  * Equipment that we will provide for the meeting:
   * Machinery:
     - 2 1/2D CNC mill (1m² table) (for miling aluminium)
     - 4-axis CNC mill 
     - CNC lathe
     - small manual lathe

   * Metrology:
     - Faro measuring arm

   * Software
     - Solid Works, Rhino, Rhino CAM

   * Visual aids (without LinuxCNC):
     - 6 dof robot: Epson S5L
     - Tricept-kinematic: PKM

  * Our current LinuxCNC project:
    inactive (due to lack of time)
    Manutec R15 6-dof robot arm implemented with Mesa 5i22 + 2x 7i33 + 7i42 + 7i37 cards
    in conjunction with VSD servo drive controllers.

  * There will be food and drink.

  * [Application appreciated]

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