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* Viesturs Lacis (Latvia)
* Viesturs Lacis (Latvia)

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* [Application appreciated]
* [Application appreciated]

LinuxCNC Integrator Meeting 2013 Europe -> Germany -> Stuttgart

What actually happened

Quick writeup of what happened

The general sense I (Christian) got was that most of us stumbled upon some great ideas and enjoyed meeting likeminded - some would say: a bit crazy people and as a bonus even got stuff done.

Participants/achievements on the weekend/linuxcnc experiences/general interests/offered services (in no particular order)

- simulated his 18-tool-toolchanger
- [took some good meeting photos]

- built a linuxcnc 3-axis machine to mill foam inserts to surfboards in Portugal
-> if you want to shape your board he suggests checking out http://www.boardcad.com/
- retrofits his 3?-axis CNC mill to LinuxCNC (+adds a toolchanger)

- does a lot of cool stuff including carbon fibre composite repairs + construction (flickr)
- helped develop an ardiuno motor management tool (http://dmn.kuulalaakeri.org/dmn-edc/)
- CAM tip: madcam -> plugin for rhino
- does LinuxCNC retrofitting in Sweden.

- was working on getting a self-developed servo drive (which he still has plenty of) to work with LCNC which showed some success that hopefully gets him a step closer to making these available to others

- has already programmed a rack-tool-changer with automatic tool length measuring for LinuxCNC
- built oiling/lubing axes component for LCNC

- suggest having a look at grashopper algorithmic modeling for rhino
- does LinuxCNC retrofitting in Lithuania
(-> check out fiver.com for some logo or the like to setup a web business card)

- builds custom cnc machines.

Was interested in some more information on the nice [inductive scales from gemac].

I didn't get around to talking to him that much on the first day ... and he already left that evening.

- was working on getting some servo motors running with an "el cheapo" Kinco china servo drive for his 4 axis waterjet machine @LinuxCNC
He made white smoke. And everybody wanted to see more - which didn't happen - but he's not sorry to have let us down on that account :-P

- Would want a working genserkins with support for linear joints - mixed with angular joints.
He already tried coding it himself - which didn't proove successful by replacing the first rotary joint with linear kinematics

- Already set up a resolver to quadrature converter (made by Jon Elson)

- Earns a living building CNC machines

- Enjoyed meeting likeminded people.
- Gave lots of helpful advice.

- provided his workshop
- is owed special thanks for feeding us all
<needs to write some stuff>

- introduction to gmoccha py (workshop text-based cad adaption software?)
- showed how to control a LCNC machine remotely (quick writeup?)

- tip: shopfloor pro cam software (link?)

- is working on an industrial gui für gmocca py

- He's a petrolhead (24h small moped racing, took an old cross bike with him ... in his station wagon *g*)

- wrote an algorithm for automatic height offset calibration
- were working with Norbert on gmoccapy a GUI for shoporiented usage with graphical support

- develop a machine controller conversion kit including control panel based on LinuxCNC (tell us more!)
- Retrofit CNC machines (baumgärtner cnc technik .. link?)

- is building an LCNC-based 3d printer
- setup his pyvcp panel
- setup a remote linuxcncrsh module for controlling (with Norbert) a cnc machine remotely

- uses LCNC with a high speed spindle (60k rpm)
- karvo spindle for milling pcbs (depth boundary 0.1 mm)

- recommends rhinocam

- was working on the simplified Denavit Hartenberg parameters for the Manutec R15 used in genserkins.
- found out that the kinematics implementation crashes the kernel (or at least slows everything down to not be able to control anything anymore)
which you can tryout for yourself using the puma560 simulator

- wants to incorporate [rl (robotics library)] instead (which even provides collision detection)
- wired a 6-axis R15 robot to LinuxCNC using Granite VSD-XE servo drives, different Mesa anything cards
- built a pyvcp panel to show all axis positions and provide the possibility to clear VSD-XE drive faults
- sorry, [no real good pictures]

- tells everyone about the Stuttgart hackerspace and recommends visiting your [closest hackerpsace].

- builds awesome stepper motor controllers (http://benezan-electronics.de/shop/index.php?cPath=8&osCsid=leyxmgqqd)

I unfortunately also didn't get around to take some notes with him.

Planning and Introduction

  * Date: 19.-20. Oktober 2013
  * Place:
   * Camflight, Löwentorstraße 68 / Bau VI, 70376 Stuttgart

  * About us:
    We are a two-man show for interactive exhibition construction,
    construction of prototypes.

  * How we make a living:

    We saw whole cars to pieces and create exhibits of the technology
    involved in building cars as well as the inherent advances
    of technology and and distinctive features.

    CNC machines help us in those endeavors.

  * What to expect:
    Knowledge exchange.

    Pictures/presentations of machines running LinuxCNC.

    We want you to bring your LinuxCNC related barriers to progress
    along - whether that is in thoughts or in form of unfinished machinery
    so we can work on solving the faced issues together.

    We have prepared multiple project-tables where you can setup your gear.
    For those who can't bring their own hardware we have prepared some
    all-purpose workstations with Mesa servo, Pluto-P controllers as well
    as computers running LinuxCNC.

  * Equipment that we will provide for the meeting:
   * Machinery:
     - 2 1/2D CNC mill (1m² table) (for miling aluminium)
     - 4-axis CNC mill 
     - CNC lathe
     - small manual lathe

   * Metrology:
     - Faro measuring arm

   * Software
     - Solid Works, Rhino, Rhino CAM

   * Visual aids (without LinuxCNC):
     - 6 dof robot: Epson S5L
     - Tricept-kinematic: PKM

  * Our current LinuxCNC project:
    Manutec R15 6-dof robot arm implemented with Mesa 5i22 + 2x 7i33 + 7i42 + 7i37 cards
    in conjunction with VSD servo drive controllers.

  * There will be food and drink.

  * [Application appreciated]

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