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HAL stands for Hardware Abstraction Layer and provides a quick and simple way to change pinouts in software and perform basic (and not so basic) "glue logic" functions in RealTime. HAL was designed for the engineer performing basic machine calibration and the system integrator connecting various inputs and outputs such as switches, encoders, servos, and safety checks.

Begin by reading the "Hal for Integrators" document at http://www.linuxcnc.org/Hal_Introduction.pdf

Then proceed to more advanced topics such as:
*Sample HAL And ClassicLadder
*"SampleParport" - adding an axis to an existing configuration
*HalScope a software oscilloscope
*Halui software switches and readouts
*Stepgen module for controlling motors via a parallel port
*Torch Height Control for plasma cutters
*SpindleSynchronizedMotion for lathe threading
see HAL

see HAL

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