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How EMC1/2 works:

:EMC Components

:GUI Interfaces
::AXIS - The AxisGui is a modern front-end for EMC with preview and backplot.


:: Trapezoidal velocity profile trajectory planner
:: TrajectoryControl



:HAL the Hardware Abstraction Layer

Sources of Documentation for EMC2:
* The [official Manuals]
** There are the
*** User Manual
*** Integrator Manual
*** Developer Manual
*** Manual Pages
*** HAL User Manual
** They are available as PDF and HTML
** They are all english, but some is already translated to french
** They are available in different versions (2.2, 2.1, 2.0, cvs)
* The manual pages of the installed software (same as "Manual Pages" above)
* This wiki (see BasicSteps for how to edit)
* of course [the source]
* and sometimes also other docs linked from this wiki
* also the mailing list archive (see EmcKnowledgeBase under Communication)
* (add others if you know some)

A tutorial on running the Stepconf wizard to set up a basic stepper system has been created, to help those unfamiliar with a Linux based system - http://www.distinctperspectives.com/emc2installsetup/

Also the tutorial can be downloaded as a PDF and printed off as a reference for going through the steps yourself http://www.distinctperspectives.com/emc2installsetup/setuptutorial.pdf

These pages reflect the basic setup I went through setting up my Sieg X3 conversion(full free prints and instructions available) http://www.distinctperspectives.com/X3/X3_CNC_CONVERSION.PDF

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