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Xenomai kernel and runtime Debian package automatic build scripts

John Morris (Zultron) has written a Makefile and pbuilderrc to automatically compile Xenomai kernel and runtime packages for several Debian/Ubuntu distros. This page is about building those packages; for information about the packages themselves, see XenomaiKernelPackages.

With a single 'make' command, the scripts download/checkout all upstream sources and build Debian packages in a pbuilder chroot environment for precise+lucid+wheezy+squeeze and i386+amd64 arches.

The r8168 driver build is conspicuously missing, but recent changes provide the infrastructure for adding this and a future RTnet package.

Sebastian Kuzminsky plans to use these scripts to build Xenomai kernel packages distributed from the linuxcnc.org Debian archives. The packages currently on machinekit.net were built with these scripts, and serve as unofficial x86-arch packages of the Xenomai community.

Obtaining the source

The Xenomai autobuild git repo is here (needs a rename; originally meant to build LinuxCNC packages too):


The Makefile pulls in these other git repos. If starting from a fresh git clone, this will happen automatically in the make run. This author (John) doesn't fully grasp git submodules, so if updating an existing clone, check that submodules are also updated.

Xenomai kernel debianization (this also needs a rename to include 'Xenomai'):


Xenomai runtime (small packaging fixes added to upstream):


r8168 driver (not yet integrated):



To build all packages for all arches, the build host must be running a 64-bit kernel and a Debian-derivative operating system. Please see the README file for more information about how to run make.

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