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EMC 2.1 is now an outdated release which no longer receives bugfixes. You should consider UpdatingTo2.2 instead. If you really wish to upgrade a system running EMC 2.0.x to EMC 2.1.x, then continue reading.

Because (minor) changes to configuration files are needed, your 2.0 install will not automatically be updated to 2.1. If you want to run 2.1, you will have to change to the EMC 2.1 repository by following these instructions:

run System/Administration/Synaptic Package Manager

go to Settings/Repositories

In the list of Channels ["Software Sources" in breezy] are two lines for linuxcnc.org. (If there are no entries for linuxcnc.org see [Repository Updating]?)

For each of them:

Close the "Software Preferences" window

Click "Reload" as instructed

Click "Mark All Upgrades"

Click "Apply"

Once you have done the upgrade, you will need to update any custom configurations by following these instructions: [UPDATING]

[Git users can get this release by checking out the RELEASE_2_1_7 tag]

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