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Comix for Crankers

Start with an apt file, end with LinuxCNC motion

(if you'd like to use my test file ... upload:squareTJP-1.apt )

Begin by opening a terminal and be familiar with where your files are located

You must have apt360, postp, and vapt installed for this to work

At the prompt, enter

apt /apt360/examples/squareTJP-1.apt | /vapt/vapt.py 

I know that's a mouthful but try it & adjust for your locations & example choice

upload:tut01-cmdline.png upload:tut02-vapt2.png

The file was processed, and appears graphically in the vapt window.

At the same time, some gcode was produced. Lets look at that.

Open your text editor, then open the file squareTJP-1.tap (in your current directory)

The extension is .tap becuz traditionally, nc machines used paper tap(e).

upload:tut03-ls-tap.png upload:tut05-kate-gcode1.png

Run LinuxCNC and load the .tap file ( use 'any' in the file selector dialog )

We got a problem in the gcode. The 'post' doesn't follow the LinuxCNC specs (yet).

But it's a tiny error, and we can 'hack' it by interactively asking LinuxCNC what it wants.

This technique only address the 1st error that LinuxCNC reports.

Here, I guessed that LinuxCNC didn't like the % at the beginning, so I whack it :)

upload:tut06-emcRun-1.png upload:tut06-editpercentout.png

Another small problem to hack...

The program didn't have a feedrate, so lets add F50. before any coordinated motion.

( G00 doesn't need a feedrate, because it uses Rapid velocity. )

upload:tut06-runEmc-2.png upload:tut07-editaddfrate.png

We're close to the end of the file now, so most is ok.

The end of the file is missing a conclusion, so lets add M02.

upload:tut08-eofng.png upload:tut08-editaddm02.png

Woohoo! it's all loaded and no complaints!


and it runs! using open source cad & open source cnc

kudos to the authors of LinuxCNC and APT360!


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