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This is an attempt to record the good, bad, and the ugly of various motherboard and cpu combinations and how they work with EMC.

news 2008 05 18

This page was a great idea, tho others had different ideas and began another list
Please use THIS test , just run 'latency-test' from a terminal
Please use THIS page to post results http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?Latency-Test

If you happen to have a motherboard/cpu combination already listed, please do NOT edit/delete any existing entry, but just add your own test results.

Please use the 'RTAI Latency test' listed on this page to collect the results of your system: http://wiki.linuxcnc.org/cgi-bin/wiki.pl?TroubleShooting#RTAI_Latency_test

Runs the test for at least 15 minutes, 24 hours is better, especially on laptops.

OVL MAX of 20,000 nS is good, less is better.

ANY overrun is bad, and the system should not be used with EMC.

Mobo or PC MfgModel, RevisionBIOS VerCPU Type, Speed, Bus, CacheVideo Card, DriverEMC VersionOVL MAX (in nS)Date Added (yyyy-mm-dd)
Example: Acme1000, R13.45Pentium 14, 1PHz, 10KHz, 512KBTrident 1000 onboardEMC 99.3.190001776-07-04
ViaEPIA PX Pico-ITX1.04C7, 1GHzVIA Unichrome Pro II 3D/2D AGP onboard2.2.4 livecd > 100,000 + overruns2008-05-17
TyanS2518 (Thunder LE-T)1.09Dual P3 370, 1GHz, 100MHz, 256KATI Rage XL 4MB onboard2.1.7144882008-05-17

Update: Tyan S2518 has a known (undocumented) issue with BIOS not retaining it's setting between power cycles. Tested on three boards, replacing battery on all three.

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