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LinuxCNC Project Roles and Responsibilities

This wiki page lists the major pieces of project infrastructure and "official" roles, and the people who have volunteered to have the responsibility for them. Anything not listed here is done by rough consensus on the mailing lists and IRC.

Name Point of Contact
project point of contact Chris Radek
2.6 Release Manager Sebastian Kuzminsky
2.5 Release Manager Chris Radek
2.4 Release Manager Jeff Epler
git repo admin Chris Radek
linuxcnc.org website admin SWP, Alex Joni
linuxcnc.org debian archive admin (latest release manager)
linuxcnc.org forum admin Alex Joni, John Thornton
linuxcnc.org backups (web site & forum) Chris Radek
buildbot admin Seb Kuzminsky
mailing list admin (Source Forge) ??
bug tracker admin (Source Forge) ??

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