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2.5.x releases here: Released 2.5.X

LinuxCNC 2.4.x Release History

October 16, 2011 EMC 2.4.7 released

Enhanced Machine Controller 2.4.7 has been released. Debian packages are availble from the regular package servers. A source tarball is available at [http://linuxcnc.org/emc2/dists/lucid/emc2.4/source/emc2_2.4.7.tar.gz]

Due to a mistake during packaging, this version will still identify itself as version 2.4.6 in the splash screen and about dialog. To verify the version of that you have installed, open a terminal window and type:

    dpkg -l emc2
    dpkg -l emc2-sim
depending on whether you have installed the realtime or simulator-only version of the software. The output should say something like this:
    ii  emc2           1:2.4.7        PC based motion controller for real-time Lin

Because of a problem with the virtual machine used to build the 64-bit hardy (ubuntu 8.04) packages, version 2.4.7 is unavailable for that system at this time. All packages for lucid are available, as are packages for 32-bit hardy.

The following changes and bugfixes have been made since the last release:

Thanks to the dozen or so developers who have contributed fixes and improvements to this version.


Additional info, if you use hal-input depending on your input device you might have input.0.btn-trigger change to input.0.btn-joystick.

November 26, 2010 EMC 2.4.6 released

October 9, 2010 EMC 2.4.5 released

September 18, 2010 EMC 2.4.4 released

July 31, 2010 EMC 2.4.3 released

July 4, 2010 EMC 2.4.2 released

May 29, 2010 EMC 2.4.1 released

May 9, 2010 EMC 2.4.0 released

Back to Release Status. Information about releases before 2.4.0 has been moved to OldReleases

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