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Currently there are no RPMs to simplify installing realtime or EMC on Redhat. Please see the RtaiSteps page for instructions on patching your kernel, or RtaiInstall for a brief overview. It's not that hard, really!

At least one developer (cradek) is using [Redhat 9] with [RTLinux 3.2pre2].

Since Redhat 9 is based on a 2.4 kernel, it is a good choice for using or developing EMC1.

In order to install RTLinux you need to download [unmodified 2.4.20 kernel source] and apply RTLinux's kernel patch to that. Then build and install the kernel as usual, build and install RTLinux following its documentation, then build EMC according to the RtLinux build instructions.

For the EMC build, your nonrealtime PLAT will be linux_2_4_20 and your realtime PLAT will be rtlinux_3_2

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