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A list of IRC cloaks

board members

alex_joni emc/board-of-directors/alex_joni
cradek emc/board-of-directors/cradek
jmkasunich emc/board-of-directors/jmkasunich
ray emc/board-of-directors/rayh


jepler emc/developer/jepler
SWPadnos emc/developer/SWPadnos?


logger-emc emc/logger/logger-emc
logger-dev emc/logger/logger-dev

Aditional nick's can be set up upon request (either an email or an IRC /msg should suffice).

Remember we are not setting these up as a matter of security (cause #emc* are not targeted by script kiddies..), but rather to let newcomers easily recognize a few of the core persons.

not approved

(the following nicks have been proposed, but we still need aproval from the people that they really want this)

zwisk emc/developer/zwisk
flo-h emc/developer/flo-h
mshaver emc/developer/mshaver
petev emc/developer/petev
fenn emc/developer/fenn


skunkworks emc/user/skunkworks
giacus emc/user/giacus

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