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Next meeting

The next meeting will be at 1600UTC on Saturday 2013-09-28.

The meeting format is described in MeetingsOnIRC

Meeting on: IRC channel on freenode #linuxcnc-meet

log of previous meetings is here: http://meetlog.archivist.info/

Agenda Items

Please add a link to pertinent info of your proposal, so others can research and understand what you are proposing. (eg. if you want to be release manager - how you would actually do the job)

  1. I propose we formalize the current practice of freezing the agenda on or around the Wednesday before the fourth Saturday; I think it is good to avoid last-minute additions for several reasons: so people have time to thoughtfully consider the agenda items, so they have time to start a discussion, and so they have full knowledge allowing them to decide whether to plan to attend. [cradek]

 Vote Yes with a reminder going out the Monday before that Wednesday to at least the user mailing list

  1. I would like to propose again Michael Haberler's 'jog-while-paused'. This is really not a nice to have but a feature that is sorely missed.[mariusl]

 A long discussion on the way forward with people volunteering to do parts of this, no need to vote.

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