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This meeting was held at: 16:00 GMT on Saturday 2013-07-27

Meeting on: IRC channel on freenode linuxcnc-meet

meeting log is here: http://meetlog.archivist.info/meeting.php?id=201307

Moderator: Chris Radek

Secretary: Seb Kuzminsky

Agenda Items:

1. Formalize adoption of semantic versioning (http://semver.org). (imcmahon / ssi)

2. Governance: Proposed that agenda items remain on the agenda until explicitly approved or rejected. Tabled items automatically appear the next month. (jmkasunich)

3. Documents: Remove text from untranslated documents and leave a note about how to update the file when it is translated. Currently untranslated documents are not referenced in the PDF or HTML documents. All references point to the English files unless a translated file is present. Untranslated documents are not up to date and create extra work for anyone editing the documents. (jthornton)

I'm proposing we delete the German and Polish docs which are not translated at all and put a note in each chapter of the Spanish docs on how to get the latest text to translate`

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