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Searchable IRC logs are kept at:

http://emc.mah.priv.at/irc/ (#emc, #emc-devel, #cam, #heekscad)

http://psha.org.ru/irc/ (#emc, #emc-devel, #osm-ru)

Logs from irc://irc.freenode.net/irc Logs currently at http://www.linuxcnc.org/irc/irc.freenode.net:6667/emc/

<old logs>

Logs of the developer meetings held every sunday: This list was mirrored on 5/25/05 from http://www.linuxcnc.org/EMC_news_history/IRC-logs/

Meetings are held on the emc IRC channel, usually on Sundays at noon Eastern time in the US (1700 GMT).

 The IRC server is irc.freenode.net, the channel is #emc 

Some weeks are missing, that means either nobody logged the conversation, or there was nothing of general interest, or simply that they haven't been posted yet. Logs are listed in reverse chronological order, newest at the top.

[Sunday May 29, 2005] NURBS interpolation, issues with the current trajectory planner, servo DAC electronics and PID tutorials,

[Sunday May 22, 2005]

[Sunday May 15, 2005]

[Sunday May 8, 2005]

[Sunday May 1, 2005]

[Sunday April 24, 2005]

[Sunday April 17, 2005]

[Sunday April 10, 2005]

[Sunday April 3, 2005]

[Sunday March 27, 2005]

[Sunday March 20, 2005]

[Sunday March 13, 2005]

[Sunday March 6, 2005]

[Sunday February 27, 2005]

[Sunday February 20, 2005]

[Sunday February 13, 2005]

[Sunday February 6, 2005]

[Sunday January 30, 2005]

[Sunday January 23, 2005]

[Sunday January 16, 2005]

[Sunday January 9, 2005]

[Sunday January 2, 2005]

[Sunday December 26, 2004]

[Sunday December 19, 2004] Getting AXIS to compile, talking about tool length compensation (G40,41,42,43,92), some talks about emc2, ini-parsing. A lot of talking about C++, NML,CMS-classes,

[Sunday December 12, 2004] Talks about traj_planner, c++ classes, NML messages passing data to GUI's. A bit info about BDI4.x, 2.6 kernels,

[Sunday December 05, 2004] Announce of AXIS, a new GUI for EMC. Some talks about getting it installed and running. Talks about emc2 drivers and standards.

[Sunday November 28, 2004] Talk about the moving of autoconf stuff to the trunk on EMC2. Some talk about distributions. Talking about jog-problems in emc2. Fix of an autoconf problem, and fix for the jog-jitter behaviour.

[Sunday November 21, 2004] Some talk about branches in CVS, make install on EMC2. A lot of talking about XX-axes, about how it could be implemented. Should EMC be aware of the twinaxis or just underlying code (e.g. HAL).

[Sunday November 14, 2004] Talks about Tandem Axes (XX-type). Some work on autoconf to make it run on BDI-TNG. Some pointers about Trackers at SF.

[Sunday November 07, 2004] Some talking about steppers and drives. A little talk about X forwarding and some talk about older cars. Some more talking about drives, servo loops,

[Sunday October 31, 2004] Even more talking about make install, and paths for emc2. Some talking about laser lenses. More talk about ./configure.

[Saturday October 30, 2004] A lot of talk about autoconf, make install on emc2. Discussion about how halcmd loadrt should find it's modules. And lots & lots of talk about where emc2 should get installed.

[Sunday October 24, 2004] A lot of talking about autoconf, make install on emc2. Some talking about laser-edging of wood. Some more talking about make install.

[Sunday October 17, 2004] More work on compile_farm. Discussion about autotools on emc2, and about install-dirs. A lot of talk about ini-files (naming conventions). Some talking about getting emc & rcslib to compile. Some more talking about compile_farm. Some talking about RTLinux-free, and emc1 with autotools.

[Sunday October 10, 2004] Some work on the compile_farm is discussed, some talks about ssh-packages and using CVS with ssh keys.

[Sunday October 03, 2004] Discussion of work on RTLinuxPro? by EBo. Some talk about NAMES 2005. Some more discussions about licensing, RTL, RTL-Pro. Few talks about drivers (a SIEMENS ISA board). Discussion about laser-scanners, and about BDI

[Sunday September 26, 2004] Considerations involved in CNCing a gear hobber. Walked thru a compile problem with EMC1 drivers. Some discussion of PID tuning techniques. Debugging an encoder counter. A little bit about G53/G54, and about swapping hard disks from one PC to another.

[Sunday September 19, 2004] Troubleshooting an attempt to get a servo to run EMC2. Changes to inivar to simplify HAL configuration. Inperator gets a servo motor running with emc2. Some discussion about PID tuning. A digression into bit twiddling. Continuation of the ongoing discussion about HAL configs. Talk about retrofitting a 2 axis laser table.

[Sunday September 12, 2004] Discussion about config file versions, var files, and other clutter in the emc1 directories. Planning of some updates to the LinuxCNC website. Introduction of an IRC robot that tracks commits, other commit list maintainence. Discussions about how to control a plasma cutter.

[Sunday September 5, 2004] Some discussion of the world model and other interpreter/task issues. Long discussion/debate about the path HAL is taking. Brief comments about homing and documentation therof.

[Sunday August 29, 2004] Getting an emc2 sherline working (turned out to be a hardware misconfiguration). Walkthru of running steppers using HAL without the rest of EMC in order to troubleshoot the problem. Some discussion of a HAL driver for an encoder input card. Brief discussion of G33 and documenting code.

[Sunday August 22, 2004] Long and probably uninteresting debugging sessions getting emc2 to work on different machines. RTAI loading problems, etc. A short discussion about large plasma tables.

[Sunday August 15, 2004] A heads up about some cheap ISA servo cards. Some discussion of the "restart near the end of a long program" problem. Discussion of the status of EMC2. Ray explained how to compile EMC1 on a BDI-TNG box. Some EMC2 testing.

[Sunday August 8, 2004] Random conversations. Detailed walkthru of the steps needed to get a new developer going, starting with CVS checkout and proceeding thru compiling EMC2. Some talk about CNC plasma cutters. Another new user needed help compiling EMC1 on a non-BDI install.

[Sunday July 25, 2004] Brief discussions about compiling, compiler versions, EMC2 progress, and G0 feedrates. Some detailed talk about homing and limit switches. Brainstorming scripts to parse the board election votes, leading to a discussion of the intended role of the board, and the pros and cons of GPL.

[Sunday July 18, 2004] Part of a discussion about long lead screws. Much detailed talk about administrative details for the election. Brief discussions of emc2 progress (or lack thereof), kernel versions supported by EMC2, and CAM software options.

[Sunday July 4, 2004] Some talk about kinematics for emc2, brief discussion about the board election, discussion of ways to communicate general EMC status to the world, leading to a move of the IRC logs to linuxcnc.org

[Sunday June 27, 2004] Brief discussion of wood routers. Long technical discussion about handling of home switch signals.

[Sunday June 20, 2004] Brief discussion of 5-axis machining. Discussion about how to elect a 'board of directors' for EMC

[Sunday June 06, 2004] Threading and lathe operations. Constant surface feed and constant chip are discussed as well as strategies for detecting pulses from the spindle and associated matters.

[Sunday May 30, 2004] General discussion about true smoothed motion, the trajectory planner and misc stuff relating not only to segmotqueue, but also to general principles of trajectory planning.

[Sunday May 23, 2004] No summary available.

[Sunday May 16, 2004] No summary available.

[April 2004] The [EMCfest] was held the last weekend of April. Meetings in early April were sparsely attended since everyone was busy getting ready for the fest.

[Sunday Mar 30, 2004] No summary available.

[Sunday Mar 14, 2004] No summary available.

[Sunday Mar 07, 2004] No summary available.

[Sunday Feb 29, 2004] No summary available.

[Sunday Feb 22, 2004] No summary available.

[Sunday Feb 15, 2004] No summary available.

[Sunday Feb 01, 2004] No summary available.

[Sunday Jan 25, 2004] No summary available.

[Sunday Jan 18, 2004] No summary available.

[Sunday Jan 11, 2004] No summary available.

[Sunday Jan 4, 2004] No summary available.

[Sunday Dec 21, 2003] No summary available.

[Sunday Dec 14, 2003] No summary available.

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