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This is the starting of simple documentation for a 5 axes gantry configuration machine. The work is based on the 'trunk' versions of 'gantry' and '5axis'.

At this point it is strickly a simulation, although I do have a setup with 2 Mesanet m5i20 cards with associated 7i33 and 7i37 cards up and running. A vismach screen emulation is included. (The 5axis vismach was slightly modified, both in color and joint definition.)

upload:5axesgantry_1.png upload:5axesgantry_2.png

X is transverse (lite blue). Y is long. Z is vertical (dark blue). B is rotation about Y (aqua). C is rotation about Z (brown). y1 is the left side column and cross member (white). y2 is the right side column (yellow).

The left side image is the initial position. No motion has taken place. The right side image is a displaced position. Axes x,y1,z,b,c,y2 have been moved.

This was in joint mode. Y1 has gone negative, Y2 has gone positive.


Note the joint mode and the axes designations. Axis 3 and 6 do not exist. Axis 7 is y2 and axis 9 is w.

The files: [5axesgantry.ini] [5axesgantry_sim.ini] [5axesgantry_kinematics.hal] [5axiskins.c] [5axesgantry.tbl] [5axesgantry.var] and [5axisgui]

The first 5 files are configuration files and go in a configuration directory (where ever those are on your system.) The last file is the vismach file and belongs in the bin directory. (there is a 5axisgui file there already, so you may want to rename it prior to adding this one!) I modify the bin file directly rather that the .py file and recompiling, because there is not much documentation on vismach and changing colors, etc got confusing. The 5axiskins.c file goes way down in ...../src/emc/kinematics and must be compiled. I always do a run-in-place.


This is the world mode. Note the axes callout.

At this point, MDI mode works and each of x,y,z,b,c,and w are addressible in gcode. Axis v is not addressable as it is tied to y in the 5axiskins.c file for coordinated motion.

There is some problem with the 'axis' front end and homing and moving back and forth between between joint and world modes. Try 'tkemc' for a little different perspective.

More later.

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