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LinuxCNC 2.5.x with Ubuntu 10.4 inside a virtualbox

This is just a hint for using Virtualbox 4.x and Ubuntu 10.4 with Virtualbox guest additions.

For Ubuntu 10.4 it is required to load the guest additions different and not from the

delivered Virtualbox iso with the following commands.

 sudo apt-get update
 sudo apt-get install build-essential linux-headers-$(uname -r)
 sudo apt-get install virtualbox-ose-guest-x11 

Otherwise it will not be possible to use the guest additions and the kernel will not be rebuild correctly.

Work with snapshots after each installation step to have the possibility to roll back.



The hints below stay valid.

EMC2 Hardy 8.04 as guest inside a virtualbox vm

The Ubuntu 8.04&EMC2 Live CD available for download on the front page of linuxcnc.org will install inside a virtualbox vm.

1. Motivation

The advantage is that you can have a simulator run in exactly the same software environment as a real machine.

2. Requirements

The Hardy EMC2 image
apt-get install virtualbox-3.2

3. Installation

Host is a 32 bits Lucid 10.04 machine. Guest is the Hardy 8.04 EMC2 distribution.

Use the iso image inside virtualbox for the as the image for the cd drive during installation.

8 GB for the virtual hard disk seems sufficent. (hard disk is 43% used after installation with additional packages for compiling from git sources ).

You might need to uncomment this line from your ini file (thanks to Alex Joni):

# Name of NML file to use, default is emc.nml<br>
#NML_FILE =              emc.nml<br>

4. Result

You will get complains about a realtime delay, which is to be expected inside a vm, so that can be ignored.

5. Screenshot

Maximilian_H, August 2010

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