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We seem on track to have an exhibitor table at the North American Model Engineering Society (NAMES) Expo http://www.modelengineeringsoc.com/expo.htm on April 24-25, 2010, near Detroit.

Ideas and feedback from last year are welcome (see threads on the EMC user email list).

More information coming.


Some EMC2-enamored folks promoted/discussed/distributed EMC2 at the North American Model Engineering Society Expo http://www.modelengineeringsoc.com/expo.htm on April 18-19, 2009, in Toledo, OH. This is a major hobby engineering show, with lots of new and used machining equipment including CNC.

The Booth

Booth 15 (near loading docks) was 10' x 10', with 2 tables. There were two electrical outlets (500W each). Tables were covered. It was fairly close to both Jon Elson and Steve Stallings' booths.


As per advice from Ed Nisely, the machine (an EMCO F1) was cutting air most of the time, but periodically a new wax blank was used.


We had 200 CDs of the latest Live CD to distribute

After much discussion on the emc-user list, copying to people's USB drives is probably not worth worrying about.


We had some large format photos of machines running EMC2 (see elsewhere on the LinuxCNC.org site). Photos were 2' x 3', hung under the banner (10') and along another bar on the side of the booth (8').

Greg Michalski produced and mounted the photos from users around the world.



(Banner design by Wayne Parks--thanks Wayne!)

2' x 8' vinyl banner, "EMC", "www.LinuxCNC.org", "Free and Powerful Machine Control". Yes, we can use "Chips" (http://www.rainnea.com/chips.htm)--Rab Gordon sent a jpg for us to use. Built a stand out of 5/8" conduit to hold it up. http://www.bannersinvinyl.com/fucobapr.html.


No mention of NAMES or the year, so it can used at other events.


8-1/2" x 11" double-sided handout, overview of EMC and common questions.

Current draft: upload:flyer_v2.pdf


We borrowed a cell modem and had great connectivity, but only used it once for a visitor. We did have the EMC IRC channel open, but ended up not asking any questions there.

Booth Volunteers

Greg Michalski, Dale Grover, Bob Stack covered the two days and did setup. They were joined by John Kasunich and Chris Radek for tear-down.

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