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This is of historical interest only. emc2 now uses Git for source control management.

About the move from sourceforge CVS to privately hosted CVS

When we moved to the new server, Chris posted a message to the developers list explaining the process to get write access. We used to have a link to the message in the archives, but SF broke that, so here is the message:

Re: [Emc-developers] Heads up: CVS will be moving
From: Chris Radek <chris@timeguy.com> - 2006-04-04 14:31

Hi all, more information as promised:

The move is complete and the new CVS server is working. Webcvs is
available at http://cvs.linuxcnc.org/

The webcvs has some new features and will be much more useful for
developers since there is not a delay between commits and webcvs.

Developers, please send me your ssh public key. I already have
several but some active developers haven't sent yet.

The file to send is .ssh/id_dsa.pub

if you don't have this file, generate it with

ssh-keygen -t dsa

and optionally supply a passphrase for the keypair (or leave it blank
for more convenience if your machine is secure enough to protect your
private key). See the man page for ssh-keygen for more information
about this.

If you are a not a developer but use cvs to stay current, you can get
an anonymous checkout by:

export CVS_RSH=ssh
cvs -d:ext:anon@cvs.linuxcnc.org:/cvs co emc2

Also there are tarballs on the webcvs now: you can even select a
tag (like TESTING) and get the corresponding tarball. There is
no longer a delay for these either. They are up-to-the-second.

I'm excited about these new features and the ability to get our
project back on the road. We've lost too many good days (and
especially weekends) of development due to sourceforge cvs problems.


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