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Crapahalic is extremely experimental right now :) so dont even think about trying to do anything useful with it.

I started this page to present some common problems and workarounds experienced while developing/installing/using crapahalic, and so on, and so forth.

Problem #1: ImportError?: No module named gnomecanvas


gnome.canvas is deprecated, the new module is named gnomecanvas so that it doesn't depend on gnome. either replace all instances of "gnomecanvas" with "gnome.canvas" (ugly fix) or update your gnome-python2-canvas installation. (this entails upgrading to python2.4 on my system)

Problem #2: How do i get it to do anything??


crapahalic parses the output of "halcmd show" in order to display the actual system configuration. ideally you could just do something like "sudo halcmd show | python halgui.py -" but this doesnt work yet. instead do "sudo halcmd show > poop.hal; python halgui.py poop.hal"

Problem #3: Crapahalic freezes when i load the output of sudo halcmd show mazak_rf.hal when passed via the command line.. Solution:

It works if you use "open" in the app.. needs to be investigated.

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